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Our Services

Hand rearing service available all breads catered for P.O.A. Tel. 01651871961

Parrot re-homing service. Facilities are available.

Hobby and small breeders like myself have only a few breeding pairs which produce chicks. Some of the most affectionate baby parrots come from breeders like myself. We raise parrots because we truly love them, and the chicks are pampered with affection. Some of the most affectionate baby parrots come from small breeders. Also I am always on hand to give friendly advice and support, as I love to talk about my little babies. And no parrot is sold by myself until it has been weaned and ready to train its new owners.

Grey feeding

All my babies are hand reared with TLC (tender loving care), all babies are spoon fed by myself, which make them truly hand reared. I also provide a loving hand rearing service in Aberdeenshire for all kinds of baby parrots.

Blue and Gold Macaws

These are two Blue and Gold Macaws parrots which were hand reared by me. On the picture they were 10 weeks old.

Hand Reared Cockatiels

Young Cockatiels

Cockatiels are my first love, very under-rated little souls they are, intelligent, bright and quick to learn. Never in my experience have I come across a hand-reared Cockatiel that is anything other than cheerful and ready to play. Biting is something a hand reared bird does not do unless it is severely provoked or feels threatened by its circumstances. My cockatiels are bred in small clutches and each one is lovingly raised so that when you take it home it will be ready for you to love and enjoy.

Hand Reared African Greys

Baby Greys

African Grey Parrots came into my life by accident, taking on an older bird because his owners could no longer care for him. He has become a very important part of my life.

Normally my hand reared baby Greys are sold within a few weeks of birth and collected when weaned. If I have no babies available but you would like me to let you know when new ones are born please email me.

Help and advice within the bounds of my knowledge.

Please note: You may have heard this expression that 'Birds are masters of disguise' and it is true, if you really suspect that your bird is ill, then it probably is very ill, you should consult an Avian Vet immediately don't waste time, do it straight away. Based in Aberdeenshire I am located between Inverurie and Huntly, about 20 minutes drive from both.

Although based in Scotland many of my customers come from all over the UK so don't be put off by the distance in some circumstances I will be able to meet you at a mutually agreeable place.