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E&L Insurance

Insurance for Birds Cats Dogs Horses Golf Weddings Caravans and more.

The Alex Foundation.

The famous Alex learning beyond belief.

Top 100 Bird Sites.

A brilliant site for Grey lovers.

Comprehensive USA site... 'Online Avian Community'.

Specialist food supplies for African Grey and all types of birds UK.

A site for Cockatiel lovers with forum.

Fischer Love Birds.

Digital Bird Scale Seller.

A Pet Directory.

A Very Useful Parrot Information Site.

The Parrot Pages.

A good site with plenty of information on all manner of parrots.

Parrots Paradise UK.

Parrots Paradise UK is a community web site for people that share the same interests in keeping birds.

DMOZ - open directory project.

A useful site for finding anything from African Grey to a Zoo.

City Parrots.

Urban parrot conservation.


Giving nature a home.